Schwingmetall® Classic Plus

High-quality technical products with additional benefits, e.g. combi mounts. These enhance functionality and provide extra benefits for inclined mounts with transverse forces: For natural frequencies of up to 3.7 Hz, they offer excellent transverse stability of the suspended mass. To achieve this, they are bolted down on both the machine and foundation side. As a result, they also fulfill special requirements, e.g. identical spring values in a vertical and transverse direction. 

cone mounts

Cone Mounts are universally usable power unit mounts for medium loads. Thanks to their high radial stiffness in relation to axial stiffness, these components offer excellent transverse stability. In combination with appropriate disks, these mounts have end stops and are protected against tear-off. 

dome mounts

Dome Mounts solve the problem of height-controlled, attachment-free suspension of machines and units. Thanks to the integrated level control system, these elements can be accurately adjusted to the height of machines and units. The underlay mat allows for attachment-free installation without any anchoring at all for low to medium transverse forces.

flange elements

Flange Elements represent sturdy and easy-to-realize suspension for medium-weight masses. In combination with the requisite limit stop disks on the upper and lower sides, they ensure protection against tear-off. The limit stop disks are not included in the scope of supply.

inclined mounts

These are designed to be used in conjunction with compression/shear mounts or railstrips for inclined mounts with natural frequencies of up to 3.7 Hz. They offer excellent transverse stability. Available in designs for loads from 100 kg to 4500 kg per mount, they allow for combinations that support masses of any size with variable and easy installation.

torsion elements - Ring elements

The four-part outer ring of the ring element is pressed into an undersized bore. In this way, a shaft fitted in the inner bush can be flexibly mounted.

torsion elements - torsion bushes

The torsion bush enables jolt-free torque transmission. The elasticity of this bush allows for minor misalignments and angle errors at both shaft ends.

torsion elements - torsion mounts

Suitable for flexibly affixing shaft ends on even surfaces. The mount allows for axial, radial, torsional and cardanic movements, each with their own spring stiffness.

special elements - bell mounts

Designed as mounts for hanging masses.

special elements - heavy-duty mounts

Highly versatile assembly mounts. They are generally used in such a way that the static load acts in the Z-direction. This provides comfortable vertical synchronization and longitudinal stability (good, for example, if this is the direction of travel on in the case of particularly difficult suspension scenarios on a vehicle), as well as transverse softness. Heavy-duty mounts with protection against tear-off are also available.

special elements - Instrument mounts

This design is suitable for small masses. It offers uniform stiffness in vertical and transverse directions.

special elements - Instrument mounts

This design is suitable for small masses. It offers uniform stiffness in vertical and transverse directions.