Schwingmetall® Premium

These products and modules offer more advanced properties and functions and include, for example, hydromounts. They deliver reliable elastic suspension solutions at the highest technical level in all areas of machine, power unit, and engine construction. They are suitable for power units and equipment with continuous and sudden excitation forces. They minimize the transmission of vibrations – e.g. on engine, cab, or transmission mounts – and offer exceptionally good damping properties.

hydromounts - series v

This model series is intended for small to average loads and is ideal wherever vibrations are accompanied by annoying shocks and where the aim of the system is to suppress natural vibrations quickly (example: suspension of cabs on industrial trucks). This is achieved via hydraulic damping.

hydromounts - series v plus

These hydromounts offer integrated, very wide-band vertical damping and thus do a particularly good job of cushioning shocks. They also feature an integrated rebound stop. The mounts’ principle area of application includes suspension of forklift cabs and engines on various industrial vehicles, from light forklifts to heavy construction-site machines.

hydromounts - series k

With high transverse stiffness and hydraulic damping in a vertical direction, the robust and tear-proof Series K hydromounts are especially well suited to the suspension of heavy cabs in the construction vehicle sector. They are, however, just as well suited for suspension of larger engines. Also available in the same connection dimensions without hydraulic damping.

contitech luftfjedre / air bellows

ContiTech Luftfjedre som komplet system er den bedste løsning for både passiv isolering af lette målemaskiner og aktiv isolering af tunge fundamenter til maskiner og anlæg. Contitech Luftfjedre har meget lave egenfrekvenser. Afhængigt af typen ligger de op 0,5 til 3,5 Hz.
Svingningsisolering og samtidig niveauregulering, den ekstremt lave egenfrekvens, isolering mod strukturbåret støj . Ringe pladsbehov, og variabel ilængden, som muliggør et effektivt og prisfordelagtigt fundament.